I had the absolute pleasure of working with the awesome folks over at AppleTree Institute to create a suite of children's book illustrations for their curriculum, featuring a host of age appropriate characters from diverse backgrounds and families. Works were reviewed and approved by the Texas Education Agency.
These books were produced in both English and Spanish.
What's Wrong Baby Brother?
When their baby starts a tantrum, it's up to Isabella and her older sister Michaela to figure out how to help. Join the sisters on a journey where they discover what their baby brother needs.
Daniel and Isabella's First Day of School
Isabella is very excited about starting school, she can't wait to meet her teachers and friends! Daniel is a little scared and nervous about his first day. Read along and have fun with them as they discover amazing new things!
Daniel and Isabella at the Farmers' Market
Saturday is Isabella's favorite day! Travel with Daniel and Isabella as they explore the farmers' market with their families.
Families are Special
All families are different. Join Daniel and Isabella as they learn about the families of their classmates. Who do you think is in Daniel's family? Who do you think is in Isabella's family? Who is a part of your family?
Let's Get Creative
Daniel, Isabella, Matthew, and Dorothea get creative with their classmates for the school art and talent show. Join them as they learn about different types of performing and visual art.
I worked with the written stories created by AppleTree Institute to design and illustrate the titular characters of Daniel and Isabella, as well as an entire cast of reoccurring characters including their family, friends, schoolmates, and teachers.
I also illustrated a veritable library of spot illustrations for use in their curriculum books. All told, several hundred were created and usable to make simple scenes.
Illustrations for AppleTree Institute's Curriculum and Lesson Plans were also created to give those documents a bit of flair.
We also had the chance to create a set of Mnemonic Alphabet characters for both English (left) and Spanish (right), for their Literacy Kit. These were then followed up by a pair of books consisting of these letter characters.
Copyright Texas Education Agency, licensed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution: CC BY. 
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